We have new litter

Klee Kai puppies from Joker & Nora

New litter

AKK puppies from Klaus & Luna

Puppies news

Added new photos to the pages puppies

We have puppies

Klee Kai puppies from Juffin & Asya

​New litter was born in our kennel

Puppies from Obsidian and Kaly

Puppies walk

Daughter Joker and Frida

Klee Kai puppies news

Added new photos to the pages puppies

New two litter

New Year's holidays delighted us with two litters

AKK puppies Klaus&Nora

Our kennel has new puppies!

Рuppies playing

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We have puppies

Puppies Richard & Asya

New photos of Percy

See the updates on the page Persy and photo album

New photo albums

Miniature husky photos

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HOT Joker and HOT Harley Quinn

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Klaus x Luna litter

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