Alaskan Klee Kai puppies for breeding


AKK for show and breeding?

Song of Ice is the kennel of Alaskan Klee Kai

We start to receive inquiries from people wanting to buy a puppy for breeding with ever increasing frequency.

And people are willing to buy puppies with open mask/incorrect bite or cryptorchidism at that. The most desired quality is low price and it's totally fine if a puppy has no pedigree. The best option is a breeding couple or triplet with a discount for buying all of them at once.

Such requests are very disappointing for us as breeders. Only the best dogs without any health issues or faults have right to participate in breeding.

And breeders must be ethical, serious and responsible in their work.

So we decided on the following specifications for customers who wants to buy AKK for breeding:

1. You already have AKK bought in US and US breeder as a mentor.

2. You know about breed standard and BQE.

3. You are ready for getting puppy's pedigree only after passing BQE.

4. You understand that dog for breeding is not cheap and your expenses are just beginning with purchase of a puppy.

5. You wish for the best for the breed.

We don't sell for breeding to people who want to get a litter or a couple "for fun". Birth and upbringing of puppies are huge responsibility before your dogs and future owners of the puppies. Please take it seriously.

Even if AKK are popular in your country and you have no local breeders you must understand that running a kennel is not a profitable business. It requires heavy expenses and investment of your labour, time and passion.

USA are the homeland of AKK breed and their breeders possess the greatest experience with it, that is why we want a person who plans to breed AKK to get a dog and approval from there first. Of course purchasing a dog from US quite expensive, demands a lot of time for negotiations and perseverance but it's totally worth it.

We don't sell puppies without direct contact with future owner! We understand that some people ask for help middle-men with knowledge of Russian/English language, but future owner still has to participate in negotiations. We are not ready to send our puppies into the unknown.

Kindly hope for your understanding, respectfully yours,

Polina and Mikhail.