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About Song of Ice kennel

Song of Ice is the kennel of Alaskan Klee Kai

Song of Ice is the kennel of Alaskan Klee Kai, relatively young and extremely rare breed in Russia. Our kennel is located outside the city in environmentally friendly area of Moscow. To our mind in the big cities, breeders may have such problems as a lack of space for welfare and walking their dogs. Especially this is a topical issue for those people who own a whole pack in their house.

Our kennel is too young hence we set our sights is too high. However, the youth of our kennel is just a question of time. The goal we have set for ourselves is breeding healthy and even-tempered Klee Kais since to have a docile and strong animal in your house is more important than some exterior features of the dog.

As a responsible breeders, we take care of our animals that is why all our dogs having annual visits of vets. The foundation stock of our kennel are tested for all currently known canine genetic diseases in the Finnish laboratory Genoscoper, as well as all of our males and females must pass cardiac testing and visit a veterinary to make a completely health check-up before each mating (Breeding Quality Exam).

When it comes to choosing proper food for our miniature huskies, we pay close attention to their nutrition and prefer to give them all the best. It goes without saying that healthy dogs is the most important thing in our breeding program. In addition, if it necessary nutritional consultant adjust the special diet based on the needs of each of our dogs.

We are constantly consulting with zoopsychologists on the odd chance that our dogs or their progeny have some behavioral problems with people of different ages or other animals. We believe that if the owner occupy his animal with proper trainings and mind sports, it will help to unlock it potential to become a physically and mentally healthy dog. To achieve these goals, we are planning to fix a special training ammunition in the backyard to provide our AKK with everyday activities.

After dealing with mature breeders who have an extensive experience, we realized if we want to achieve some high results in breeding Alaskan Klee Kai, we should work continuously. For this reason, we regularly attend to different courses, seminars and webinars on canine health, behavior and trainings.

Besides Klee Kais, we also have in our family Miniature Spitz dogs, Prague Ratters and cats, including Munchkin cat breed. Though all these animals have different breed traits, they get well along with each other, although there are sometimes appears minor conflicts. For example, Spitz is always cheerful and positive; Prague Ratters despite its size is very proud and courageous, stubborn and self-willed creatures.

Alaskan Klee Kai has been attracted us by their appearance, but after living with these dogs for a while, we realized that AKK it is much more than a mini-husky, they have a unique and distinctive temper. They combine positive and tireless traits of Spitz with self-confidence of a large dog who always behave well.

Many of our Klee Kais, which makes a foundation stock of our kennel, were born in the homeland of the breed, the U.S. We were lucky to buy our AKK from those breeders who are engaged in this breed for many years and set high demands on the quality of their stud dogs.

Our kennel is a member in good standing of the Alaskan Klee Kai Association Of America and the Alaskan Klee Kai Club Of Great Britain.